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OtherInbox Beta FBL begins

I saw on Twitter earlier today the the OpenInbox team has launched a Feed Back Loop for Legitimate Senders.This FBL is just launching in beta and it may take sometime for your application to process as the site reads they are...

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RIP Mr Rogers

Today the media here in Canada has been buzzing with the news that Ted Rogers has died at his Toronto home this morning, at the age of 75.Leaving behind a Media Empire that includes one of Canada’s largest Cable TV...

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Lycos Europe Shutting Down

This article comes directly from Stan Schroeder November 27, 2008 at his site: is what Stan had to state: “Remember Lycos? It was once an unavoidable name...

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Thanksgiving in Canada

Something occurred to me about opt-in relevance, when I received a few Thanksgiving emails from the USA, this week. Many of my email subscriptions, which I am signed up for, are with US organizations; however, my email address...

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