Remember back in January when I demoed the Email Data Source tools? No… Well go back and read this first then continue on here…
Email Data Source is offering a free 30 day trial of the Email Data Sources Alerting too During their beta program.   But they are only taking applications through the end of the year so you better hurry or your going to miss out.  Available to qualifying Beta testers, 5 unique Alerting products available:

1. Brand Monitoring Alert: based on a keyword search of our email database, Brands can monitor anytime their brands or company are mentioned or marketed in an email campaign. Of course, any word or phrase can be tracked in Brand Monitoring alert, making it a valuable tool for monitoring trademarks, tag lines, and brand misuse.

2. IP Alert: With IP alert, clients can monitor their own IP address (important in the case of shared IP use) or a block of IP addresses to see who else is sending email from those IP Addresses. A “must have” tool for determining IP reputation scores, Marketers can now see who is “in bed” with them, from an ISP’s perspective. ESP’s can use IP Alert to monitor all the emails being delivered from their competition’s bank of IP addresses.

3. Media Alert: An important competitive intelligence tool, Media Alert provides insight into a brands media strategy by reporting on ALL emails (in-house, 3rd party newsletters, affiliate networks, and editorial mentions) that drive traffic to a specific web site.

4. Partner Alert: Partner Alert lets companies monitor the emails sent by partner publications sending an alert whenever a partner publication mentions their brand.

5. Sender Alert: Clients can monitor the email campaigns sent from a specific “sending domain”, regardless of IP address. Uses include the ability to monitor Affiliate networks.

If you’d like to try it out, you can pre-register here by going to this link.