Just announced today the DMA has partnered with Return Path to help members authenticate email.

The new Email Reputation Registry will enhance these offerings by making the monitoring and compliance process fully transparent to member companies by giving them access to the monitoring data, reports, and alerts for their IP addresses and domains. This transparency should accelerate adoption of email authentication for email marketing and corporate email, as well as improve overall email effectiveness and deliverability by providing critical reputation information.

Find out more about the DMA Email Authentication Help Center and see how Authentication can help your email programs succeed.  This page covers the following topics and areas of interest.

  1. Why Authenticate – featuring the DMA guidelines for members and an overview of the advantages
  2. Preparation – Checklist to prepare your organizations authentication roll out
  3. How To – covering SPF, Sender ID and DKIK implementations
  4. General Assistance – Webinar information and expert contacts that can help you get setup
  5. Other Resources – Informational listing of Authentication resources.
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