Today Road Runner announced that pending upgrades to their Feed Back Loop have been delayed until early next year.

I believe this is a wise decision coming from the RR Security and Postmaster team; As making significant system changes this close to the holidays, where there tend to be lighter support teams and the increased communication schedules for many mailers and private senders, a delay will let the seasonal mail volumes function as normal and the current functional FBL will hold its own for now.

Below is all the important information contained in the latest announcement.

As you’re aware from previous notices, Road Runner is making changes to our Feedback Loop, changes that we first announced in late August of this year.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we find it necessary to delay the launch of our new FBL a bit longer than we’d planned; at this point, we cannot say anymore about the new launch date other than ‘early 2009‘.

After launch, we will still provide a transition period of several weeks during which both the old and new feedback loops will continue to exist, in order to ensure that everyone presently enrolled in our FBL has a chance to apply for enrollment in the new FBL before the old one is shut off.

Much more information about this migration is available here:

Bookmark that page, and check it from time to time for any new information that we might have published.

Thank you for reading,

The Road Runner Postmaster Team.