I saw on Twitter earlier today the the OpenInbox team has launched a Feed Back Loop for Legitimate Senders.

This FBL is just launching in beta and it may take sometime for your application to process as the site reads they are only adding a few testers each week, but get on the list and get in queue.

What is OtherInbox you ask?

OtherInbox is an email organizational tool designed to manage your email by allowing users to create a Unique email address for each and every site that they interact with… Imagine having a separate email address for MOM gets MOM@MY.otherinbox.com and a separate one for DAD email gets DAD@MY.otherinbox.com, or even better for each marketing newsletter you subscribe too. The service then classifies each message into a separate folder to help organize your inbox and priorities your messaging. (see photo).  

What you don’t have an account yet?  I have three invitations I can provide to the first three people that send me an @emailkarma message on Twitter and reference this post.   I’ll send a direct reply to you for your email (so you need to be following me) so I can send you the invite.
** Photo thanks to OtherInbox