Received word today that the Comcast Feed Back loop is now out of BETA testing and is ready for a larger audience to participate.

Details: The Comcast Feedback Loop which is managed by ReturnPath has officially come out of beta. If you have already signed up for this service as part of their beta group there is nothing you need to do as your “subscription” will continue as normal.

What you will need to apply:

  • Your Contact Information (first/last name, Email and Company)
  • Feedback Loop Information (i.e. your mailing domain with a functional abuse@ or postmaster@ email address)
  • A Feedback Loop Email – This is where Feedback Loop emails will go.
  • A list of your IP Addresses: List the IP addresses (one per line) or you may also enter CIDR ranges of /24 or higher.

Please be patient as the expected number of applicants may be significant and the resources for application review may be a bit stretched to get thought the initial push, you will have to give them a bit of a break as they will get to your application as soon as they can.

To apply for this service.