OtherInbox continues to grow it external mailbox support for free webmail clients announcing the addition of Windows Live Hotmail to the list. Bringing Hotmail in as the latest addition to already popular Yahoo mail and Gmail integrations – Gmail Apps works as well.

Where Gmail and Yahoo function within IMAP space allowing the messages to exist in both OIB and their respective accounts at the same time. Integration with Hotmail will function over POP giving you the option to either leave messages in Hotmail’s inbox or delete them after downloading them into the OIB system.

From the image above it also appears that OIB is looking at AOL integration and an option to included any other service you can POP/IMAP your email from, opening the potential for a one stop shop for all your email management needs.

I have yet to integrate any external accounts with OIB, but if you have done it I’d be curious to know the results.

* Image thanks to OIB