Originally posted in ThinData Email Strategies.

ThinData, a Transcontinental Company, is pleased to announce that Scott Jamieson has joined its ranks as the new General Manager – reporting directly to the President, Chris Carder. Prior to joining ThinData, Mr. Jamieson held executive roles with a number of leading North American email service providers. Most recently, he served as the Managing Director of SJR Digital where he developed business and email strategies for leading brands across several complex industries, including: Media, Consumer Packaged Goods, Software, Automotive and Financial Services.

ThinData’s President, Chris Carder, states: “Our success and exponential growth has been built on the ability to anticipate and fulfill our clients’ needs with innovation and efficiency. By ensuring that our strategies and processes are effectively aligned, Scott will play a vital role in building on that track record and helping us to achieve our full growth potential.”

I’m personally excited about this as Scott has great experience, lots of background and has always been a pleasure to work with in the past. Congrats Scott and welcome aboard.