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Gmail Changes

Over the weekend the team behind Gmail rolled out some significant changes to the web-mail client that could really negatively effect the client email viewing experience. Luckily the team over at Smith-Harmon (a group way...

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Alert – Postini Issues

With all the industry buzz about issues with Postini through twitter today, there is finally legitimate confirmation about the messaging management tools not working effectively, as reported by ComputerWorld By Sharon Gaudin...

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AOL Report Card Retired

Over on the AOL Postmaster Blog Christine posted this afternoon that AOL will no longer be sending report cards to people enrolled in the AOL FeedBack Loop. These were the email’s titled “AOL email concerns for...

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Hotmail now with OtherInbox

OtherInbox continues to grow it external mailbox support for free webmail clients announcing the addition of Windows Live Hotmail to the list. Bringing Hotmail in as the latest addition to already popular Yahoo mail and Gmail...

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