Gmail and YouTube a perfect marriage for Email and Video. The Gmail team recently announced a number of the Gmail Lab features were getting an upgrade, YouTube preview in email is one of them. Having tested this feature it works in both Gmail hosted domains and in the regular gmail client.

How to make this work for marketers;

    1 – Create a Branded Channel on YouTube for your organization
    2 – Include the direct URL to the YouTube video you want to share with your list, see image below for two different options for coding your message
    3 – Segment your creative to your Gmail users and share away, non-gmail uses can get an image or link to the YouTube video you want them to experience.

Image courtesy the Official Gmail Blog:
Other great labs features now standard in Gmail include:

    1. Search Autocomplete and Go To Label – Gmail will suggests terms that might help you find what you’re looking faster like contact names, archived emails or a specific label.
    2. Forgotten Attachment Detector – Gmail scans your email for common text that suggest you meant to attach a file and alerts you if you forgot – it might just save you some embarrassment.
    3. Custom Label Colors – A Personal Favorite… Select the color of each label in your account – Color code important emails from your Family to make them easy to find.
    4. Vacation Dates – heading out of town and don’t want to forget about turning on or off your Out of Office – now you can set the On and Off Dates before you go!