Over the weekend the team behind Gmail rolled out some significant changes to the web-mail client that could really negatively effect the client email viewing experience.

Luckily the team over at Smith-Harmon (a group way smarter then I when it comes to email coding) have identified these changes, and have a functioning work around, to the doctype setting in the Gmail web-client. Note this change will only have a negative impact on images being rendered by Firefox users in the Gmail web-mail client – IMAP and POP are not effected. This change causes all <img> tags to be displayed as text elements in email – resulting in the addition of white space around the image. This is similar to a problem many experience when rendering HTML emails in Hotmail using FireFox(Fix for Hotmail: <style>img {display:block;}</style>).

But the Gmail fix is not so easy… Gmail only supports inline style settings and will remove the content within tags ¬≠resulting in a slightly more tedious fix of adding the following to all Image tags <style=”display:block”> (quotes included).

Here is an example:

    <img src=”http://www.example.com/client/images/logo.gif” alt=”CLIENT” border=”0″ height=”75″ width=”200″ style=”display:block”>

Note that this may increase the total file size for each email being sent depending on how many images are included.

** Thanks to Arron Smith from Smith-Harmon for this information.