I was passed this great site today that goes the extra mile when providing instructions to their email members when they are opt-in to receive the weekly newsletter.

Visitors are presented with a pop-up box promoting users to subscribe to the newsletters [however I was already working in the subscribe form when this appeared 🙁 and pop-ups drive me crazy] asking two basic questions – Name and Email address. This is great, its a small easy ask that most users will be comfortable with at an early stage of a relationship with a site. They also have a large disclaimer about how they HATE Spam! – ME TOO – that states “We will NEVER sell or rent your personal information (period)! And we HATE Spam!

Eat Smart Age SmartAfter entering your info your taken to an information page (right) with a full text description of how to confirm your opt-in… providing basic text instructions – Look for our email, click the link and add us to your address book (with a sample of the email you’ll receive) to a full on video of what you’ll experience as a new subscriber – step by step to confirm your account and to ensure you get into the address book as well as setting some expectations for users to know that will be receiving a Weekly Insiders report as well as why they require a confirmed opt-in from subscribers of Eat Smart Age Smart.

This is a great example of Knowing your audience and providing helpful and relevant information when a subscribe needs it most.

Catch the video here: YouTube Eat Smart Age Smart