News from above today with the announcement of Transcontinental’s Acquisition of Lipso Solutions.

Montreal, May 4, 2010 – Transcontinental is pleased to announce the acquisition of Montreal-based LIPSO, a leading provider of integrated mobile solutions, including connectivity, transaction management (SMS, MMS, etc.) and applications development. As an enhancement to its marketing communications solutions in new media and digital platforms, this purchase adds a number of key services to Transcontinental’s marketing communications offering, including cell phone bar code reading, mobile couponing in retail sales, and electronic ticketing in transportation and entertainment.

Full Release.

Lipso Services included some great tools like: Mobile Barcodes, Mobile Payments, SMS Emergency alerts and Electronic ticketing and couponing.

Exciting times here and I’m looking forward to seeing how this will all integrate with the Transcontinental Family and more specifically how we (Thindata 1:1) will be able to partner up with their SMS/MMS Technologies.