Falling open rates, click and purchase? Hitting spam traps and finding increased issues while trying to get in the inbox? Here are a few ideas to kick start your program again.

1 – Sunset inactive users:
Over time people lose interest in the same old email. Sunset people that have not clicked or opened an email in over 12 months (may vary by frequency of communications). Send a note to these users:

    “Thanks for being a subscriber, we noticed you have not been very active lately and we do not want to bug you so we are giving you one last chance (expect 2 more of these messages) to stay on our list…. Click here to stay on the list and [Insert promotion here]. Please note you can subscriber again at a later time if you would like to hear from us again”.

This will trim any dead weight from your list and save you some money for future campaigns. It also has a very prominent call to action for users that just have not interacted with you for some time, it acts as a reminder.

2 – Different messaging streams to different users
Over time your messaging may become irrelevant to an individual, these irrelevant messages generally lead to spam complaints (as a lazy unsubscribe).

Try the following:

  • Predict the Lazy unsub – analize the data your provided by an ISPs Feedback loop and predict when complaints begin to rise due to irritated users receiving your messages. These events tend to vary by program, but a good measurement is # of broadcasts before the average users reports you to their ISP or time on file (# of months since subscription).
  • Treat your power users differently. Users can be lumped into a number of different categories; 1- New users (on list less then 3 months), regular users (infrequent interaction with email program), and power users (interact with a high number of messages). These three groups (more groups can be defined but for example purposes this was limited to three) should be treated differently, Try new creative, subject lines, offerers (free shipping pr discounts). Your goal is to turn regular users into power users.

3 – Consider using a double opt-in on your email lists.
Rates as high as a 97% opened can be achieved by using these highly targeted and relevant messages.

4 – Small highly targeted lists
Targeting and relevancy are key triggers for a highly successful campaign… Did subscriber respond to a particular offer before, is their a complementary product you can upsell to this user, is there a replacement part that is needed every (30, 60, 90, 365 days). These users have already got your product – servicing them is an easy way to increasing your bottom line.

Got any additional ideas on keeping your list clean… Share them with us by email at contact or leave a comment.