Why pass on the opportunity to use your brand in your subject line?

The group over at MyEmma have been publishing a top 10 list for B2B marketers, and this post (day 6) really stuck out as an easy win. It talks about the use of Generic subject lines “October Newsletter” or “At your request”, gut don’t pop with subscribers.

Supporting this is the ESPC study (pdf) that found that “80 percent [of those surveyed] decide whether to click on the “Report Spam” or “Junk” button without opening the actual message;

  • 73% base the decision on “FROM”
  • 69% base the decision on “SUBJECT”

Being recognizable to your subscriber is paramount… Use your email to convey your brand in the From address and the message Subject to build instant recognition with your subscriber.

This increased recognition may also help you avoid this very common scenario “Delete, delete, delete Spam e-mails gotta go

Image courtesy MyEmma blog.