Having troubles monitoring your branding? Want someone else to do it… for FREE.

In order to accomplish this try using Google alerts to monitor a number of different items. Monitor for terms related to you employer or a partner/client, others can be used to monitor news related to your industry or a special interest. This can be enlightening when it comes to customers talking about your brand

To setup a google alert;

  1. Go to ether; Google News or Google Alerts
  2. Enter your search terms (topic) – News link is recommended to view results before creating alert to ensure you get the results that you want.
  3. Select the link “Get the latest news on topic with Google Alerts”
  4. Then select;
    • Type of search (news, blogs, web, groups or comprehensive)
    • Frequency of alerting (As it Happens, daily or weekly)
    • and the email address you would like these alerts sent to (this will be confirmed to active)
  5. Confirm the email address from #4 and your on the way to receiving alerts as items get indexed by Google.

Notes about alerts (and search tuning);

  • Google allows you to have 200 different alerts
  • Use a plus (+) sign to indicate “This + That” – (this and that together)
  • Use a minus (-) sign to indicate “This – That” – (this but not that)
  • Use Quotes (” “) to indicate an exact phrase – “email marketing”
  • There may be other services like this but Google Alerts are free and easy to manage