Recently I was on vacation and I was amazed how many missed opportunities to collect email address I encountered while away, even without consciously thinking about email/work 😉

Like many other vacationers I was happily shopping away in a number of different stores (the brick and mortar kind), but what did I notice missing from these locations? Email (or postal mail) subscription forms.

Where is the love?
No paper to subscribe with, no kiosks to use, no sales person asking for my address to subscribe your lists while paying. Your missing out on a valuable client here, risking my memory to remember to subscribe when I get home (7500 KM away) is a big risk, especially if your missing out on “everyone” visiting these locations.

Remembering your offline clients, could very well become your online clients, with very little effort from your POS staff (that have an active, engaged client directly interacting with them) could have added at least one new subscriber to your email list.

Here are a few questions for you to consider (please share your answers):

  • How much is each subscriber worth to you?
  • How much do you spend online to get that subscriber?
  • How much extra effort is needed to capture that same (engaged and active) subscriber at the Point of Sale in your store?
  • How many missed opportunities does your business have everyday?

This might just be one of the most affordable data collection locations you have.