It’s been a busy week in the email universe this week, so here is a short round up in case you missed something.

Oracle announces the End of Life schedule for Bronto. Migrate to another Oracle platform or ESP of your choice on or before May 31, 2022. The industry is buzzing about this and the teams at Email Vendor Selection and Bronto Migration are hard at work providing information and consultation to brands looking towards the future. Migration can be stressful in the best of times, more so when you are being forced into it. Don’t wait to long or you may find yourself short on resources to make a last minute switch. Based on my experience the average migration takes three months to complete from migrating unsubscribe pages, dealing with CAN-SPAM and CASL unsubscribe requirements and IP/Domain warmup. Start the process now and give yourself a lot of runway.

The BIMI group released four updated documents including:

  • BIMI ITEF Draft v02
  • Receivers guidance for BIMI IEFT Draft v03
  • SVG Tiny PS Draft v01
  • Updated VMC Guidelines (v 0.986)

Interested in BIMI? Go read these documents to start your implementation project.

1&1 announces DMARC validation on inbound emails for GMX, and This is not an simple task for a mailbox provider of this size. 1&1 is the largest mailbox provider in Germany, representing about 50% of domestic mailboxes.

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