On January 30th, 2021 the domain Spamcop.net expired. This is currently causing a significant number of alerting systems to trigger listings warnings.

When domains expire some registrars will return a wild card answer for all queries tested against the domain. The error code returned is the same as a blocklist’s positive listing code – ex: This could result in some mail systems actually blocking mail as a result. It’s best to keep an eye on your current mailings and judge any impact by this current outage.

Word is that Cisco, maintainers/owners of SpamCop, are aware of the issues and are working to resolve the issue. Being that this happened on a weekend this could take some time to resolve. Finding the right resources, getting the right team members involved and then actually bring the systems back online will take time.

UPDATE: Jan 31 @ 12:15 PM ET:

The Spamcop.net domain has been renewed and services are starting to return to normal. I’m once again able to access the website, login and see information in the tools. If you can’t yet see it, it might just be DNS catching up with the newly updated information.

This is a developing story…