It’s not every day that you get to launch a new product, or in my case your first product idea to the world. On December 16th, the team at Netcore launched a new tool into the email marketing world. So, without any further delay, I present to you – Grade My Email! Tools that help email marketers identify and resolve common issues with their email configuration. All for FREE!

The results of several months of hard work ended with the development of eight user friendly tools that help you understand your email configuration. Test against IP and domain based blocklists, email authentication configurations (SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI), and even some help from the Raman AI for subject line writing.

Does this all seem complicated to you? Check out the “Email Tester” tool, it’s the simplest way to validate you email messages. Test IPs, authentication and everything it is like a magic all-in-one tool. Just load the page, copy the email address (be sure to leave the page open) and send a test message to the seed provided. Hit the “Check report” button and see all of the results in one place.

Email Tester Health Report

We have a number of things planned in the future for Grade My Email. Be sure to bookmark the site, setup an account and see how you can improve your email deliverability today!