Where one Mailbox provider ziggs another zaggs. We’ve seen this in the past with solutions like SPF vs Sender ID support, delivery of DMARC aggregate data reports, BIMI, and now with AMP for Email.

As we reported recently Microsoft announced the end of their trial for AMP for email and that they would officially stop supporting it as of October 1st, 2020. However just weeks later the official announcement of support for AMP for email by Verizon Media was publicly posted on their postmaster blog.

This announcement also clarifies the current and future support plans for AMP for Email in other Verizon email clients:

While we currently limit AMP support to Yahoo Mail on the web, we are excited to share our learnings to make the AMP for Email ecosystem even stronger. We look forward to rolling out further AMP support for AOL Mail and our mobile platforms in the near future.

Marcel Becker, Director Product Management

With the support of Google (Gmail), Mail.ru and now Verizon is AMP here to stay? Or does Microsoft have it right with moving on to developing the Actionable Messages (Schema) formats in email? Only time will tell.

At least you can’t say email is boring!