In case you don’t recall back in August I talked about the Road Runner FBL Getting a Face Lift and this weekend marks the tentative go-live date for their new Feedback Loop program.

Road Runner’s Postmaster team recently sent me the following notification regarding a short delay in this process:

You are receiving this message at the above email address because one or more of the following are true:

* The email address has in the past registered IPs and networks in Road Runner’s Feedback Loop program
* The email address was listed as a point of contact for IPs and/or networks enrolled in Road Runner’s Feedback Loop program
* The email address is currently receiving Feedback Loop reports from Road Runner as part of our Feedback Loop program.

As you’re aware from previous notices, Road Runner is making changes to our Feedback Loop, changes that we first announced in late August of this year.

We had originally planned to go live with our new FBL on November 17 of this year, but try as we did to meet that goal, we’re going to miss it. Our new target date for launching the new FBL is now December 14, 2008.

The new dates for this effort are as follows:

* December 14, 2008 (tentative) – The new Feedback Loop goes live, and everyone wishing to be part of our feedback loop will have to re-enroll beginning on that date.

* January 31, 2009 (tentative) – The old Feedback Loop ceases to exist.

Much more information about this migration is available here:

Bookmark that page, and check it from time to time for any new information that we might have published. We’ll also send periodic notifications from time to time letting you know our progress.

Stay tuned for further updates.