On June 21st the OATH product team provided an update on system migration and the current status of AOL, Yahoo and Verizon new infrastructure. In this update they mentioned that all mail is now running through their new OATH infrastructure and that mailboxes for AOL users are now migrating to this new common hosting.

The top things you should know include:

  • All mail sent to OATH mail brands (ex: Y!, Verizon and AOL) is now handled by OATH MTAs. This also appears to cover partner brands like Rogers.com
  • Consistent treatment of subscribers by OATH filters and rate limits
  • DMARC reports now coming from single source (noreply _at_ dmarc.yahoo.com), covering all OATH and partner domains
  • Migration of AOL mailboxes to common OATH infrastructure underway
  • AOL FBL volume will decrease while Y! FBL volume will rise. Sign up your domains for Y! FBL/CFL if you have not done so already. (DKIM signing is required)
  • Support requests for AOL and Yahoo still go to their respective support sites, these will be merged in the future to a single Oath support page

Ongoing changes at Oath are still under way, stay tuned for for further updates.

Hat tip to @AnthonyChiulli for the inspiration to post this list.