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June Update: FISA (C28)

As of June 17, 2010, the House of Commons has risen for summer and has left the Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act (C-28) on the shelf until the fall. On a good note the bill will survive, along with the Amendments to...

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Quick Poll

I’ve been thinking about adding new topics and expanding the scope of EmailKarma.net to included discussions about Social Media and Mobile.Can you take a moment to vote in the new poll (above centre) and let me know if...

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AOL Report Card Retired

Over on the AOL Postmaster Blog Christine posted this afternoon that AOL will no longer be sending report cards to people enrolled in the AOL FeedBack Loop. These were the email’s titled “AOL email concerns for...

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C-27 Transcripts

The transcripts from my visit to Parliament Hill concerning Bill C-27, the Electronic Commerce protection act, is now available.40th PARLIAMENT, 2nd SESSIONStanding Committee on Industry, Science and TechnologyThursday, June 11,...

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