JD Falk, Return Path’s new Director of Product Management, Receiver Products, and fellow CAUCE Board Member, give some insight into getting your email delivered and the common themes and tactics that are commonly tried to get mail delivered.

  • Tactics that may improve your social reputation with the ISP staff, but won’t have any effect on whether your mail gets into the inbox
  • Tactics that annoy the ISP staff, but still won’t affect your deliverability in any way
  • Tactics that will hurt your reputation with the ISP staff, and will also hurt your deliverability
  • Tactics that will actually improve your deliverability, yet have no bearing on what the ISP staff thinks about you

The key note as JD says: “If your email subscribers are thrilled with what you are sending, you’ll get through – no meat baskets required. And if too many of your subscribers call you a spammer, then all the free beer in the world won’t help you.