iMedia Connection ran this article, By Lee-Ann Vermaak, last week; Use email to close the conversion loop. Lee-Ann touches on some great topics here and how marketers are missing out on subscribers by not integrating email collection into all of their customer touch points.

When calling to ask questions at a call centre every agent should be asking for the callers email, Lee-Ann says “The hotel is missing a huge opportunity by not asking for my email address and sending all the information I have verbally requested, with a link to make a reservation.

Sending a highly personalized email with highly relevant information will lead to additional sales. You have an engaged client asking about your products, why not give them what they asked for via a transactional message. At this time you should also ask the user to opt-in to your regularly scheduled mailings.

This is a very common occurrence yet business missed over and over again, do this on the phone, at the POC in your stores and in your checkout systems on your webpage.