Back in August we conducted a quick and Experimental Authentication Survey of the EmailKarma inbox, what we found was that 50% of messages received in the month of August were not being authenticated correctly.

Comparing this to the messages received in the first two weeks of October we are now seeing that 57% of solicited messages are now authenticating. We also saw that the messages that failed authentication (no red flags), but were solicited, from August have been corrected and are now passing authentication tests.

The other item of note is our spam folder has 2% (up from 1.5%) of email passing authentication, with the majority of these messages (79%) having no records at all, meaning these domains are venerable to attack and forgery.

October’s Ham to Spam ratio is running at a solid 89.1% which is slightly better then August’s 91% spam percentage.

The holidays are coming – make sure all of your email is authenticated to help your inbox placement and to protect your brand.