Following up on Fridays Proactive User Relationship Building, there are a few additional things that should also be done with these type of relationship building messages, especially when warning users about phishing attempts on your brand:

  • Explain where your messages will be coming from; we only send promotional email from this address – and purchase notices from
  • Explain how your links should look like –… Ensure your using branded links and not a link to your providers link redirect site
  • Explain your mailing frequency; We only send you messages on Monday afternoons and after you purchase something on
  • Add a notice on your home page about these kinds of fraud attempts, ensure this notice is linked to on the checkout, shopping chart and privacy pages of the website (basically anywhere you ask for sensitive information).
  • Explain what you have done to safe guard your email; We use the latest forms of email authentication and web encryption services to ensure our messages and networks are secure and protect your information
  • Provide a resource for questions or an FAQ your subscribers can check and ask questions

Do you have any other ideas; share them with EmailKarma or leave a comment.