The Email Marketers Club has been experiencing explosive growth over the last couple of weeks jumping almost 100 members… Not a member yet drop by and request your invitation to join in the conversation.

A few other headlines of note:

Do you know how to land a customer? From Email to Conversion

Getting consumers to act on your messaging.

Goodmail Loses Another Top Executive – Direct

A second CEO to leave in last 4 months… what does this mean to Goodmail

Microsoft selects Datran Media for e-mail marketing services – DMN

The same Datran Media that defended itself against New Yorks Attorney General Eliot Spitzer by saying that “it had no way of knowing that the email addresses it bought were the product of any misdeeds

Denise Cox discusses the pitfalls of Acronyms.

Don’t lose your customers attention by shortening your copy by a few letters and hoping that your readers will understand who you are.