EmailKarma received this comment today from Kelly over at Sitebrand regarding the post “Q&A; | Whats the best way to build reputation on new IPs?

Q: What is the effect of not ramping up an IP – say if you do not have the volume needed? Can it still be done on a smaller scale?

A: Hi Kelly,

Building reputation on smaller lists is sometimes a challenge due to their smaller volume or an infrequent mailing schedule. Not to say it wont happen, reputation can and will be built but for smaller operations, it may just take a little longer. The only true way to build reputation is to send email, other programs like Habeas’ Safelist, or a well known ESP, will help you overcome many of these challenges or accelerate the reputation building process of a program.

What becomes more important for smaller lists is the quality and relevance of the messages that are being sent:

  • Low number of inactive accounts
  • Low number of spam complaints or spam traps
  • Authentication and White listing
  • Consistency of sending; meet your deadlines and send regularly

The effect on a reputation that is not built correctly or has turned in a negative way:

  • Limits on number of message per connection/hour/day
  • Junk/Spam folder delivery
  • Grey listing or temporary rejections of IPs for predefined periods of time
  • Mail blocking

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