Keeping used active and engaged is a challenging task, but here is an example of an email I can’t wait to receive. Take this as a easy example of how to achieve this.

Similar deals to this come three or four times through out the year, but at somewhat random intervals, to keep me in suspense.  But knowing these types of messages are out there and waiting to be delivered to me is not what makes the a great message or a message that stands out any different from the normal weekly fliers and product tips… What makes this a truly great message is the fact that I don’t just or archive it after reading it the first time – it stays in my inbox for the whole 10 days during the promotion, and I check it everyday.

Each day during this promotion the images behind these messages are updated to show the latest “deal of the day”, and then yesterday’s images are changed to read this “deal has ended”. Keeping me in suspense to see the next deal, as I’m always in the market for a great deal and usually some kind of electronic product this keeps me wanting to know what is next… Maybe it is that SLR Camera (or accessory), or 40″ LCD TV, or an appliance I need to replace.

Key lessons from this message:

  1. Keep users engaged and wanting your messages (in suspense not surprised) 
  2. Be original – I don’t get any other messaging like this from other retailers, and this is a key difference with these messages.
  3. Remain nimble – Switching up the images your getting more bang for your buck – one send one CPM delivery charge with the equivalent of 10 unique offers.  
  4. This message also allows the sender to change the images midday if they sell out and update with “sold out” in your messages once your out of stock.
  5. Create a strong sense of urgency – use words like; limited quantities, in store and online offer, time sensitive “1 day only”
Understanding your subscribers and their shopping habits, also finding way to keep them engaged will become increasingly important to your email program… The right message at the right time to the right user will lead to improved performance.  
Remember always test new program initiatives thoroughly.