MarketingSherpa brings us the latest installment of their annual Email Marketing Benchmark Guide.  Having only read the Executive Summary, all I can say is that I can’t wait to see the full report.

The summary teaser graphs include discussions around; 

  • Email in a Down Market – How you plan on moving forward with your program
  • Attitudes towards email budgets – Who knew those that are pessimist towards email will invest less then the optimists (thankfully this group is the majority)
  • Offering tangible benefits or offers are what consumers are really after when providing you their email addresses
  • and, Lastly a heat graph showing that proper use of image disabled techniques (ex: alt tags and image size tags) can really help your email succeed.

The full report costs $397 USD and contains the following:

  • 205 Charts, 66 Tables and Images
  • 8 Eyetracking Heatmaps
  • Research from 1,763 real-life marketers
  • 6 new Special Reports including 12 Point Plan to Increase Email Performance
  • 8 New “Notes from the Field” Case Studies