In part two of my “How to remove your info” series, we will take a look at Zoominfo. Maybe one of the largest providers of B2B data around. In a similar fashion to Hunter, Zoominfo has a place to manage your personal profile. You can find the privacy resources here: or in the Zoominfo page footers under “Do not sell my Personal Information”.

There are several option presented to you at this point;

  • Claim your profile – Update or search for your profile
  • Claim a company profile – Update or search for company details
  • Request Access – See the details that have been collected on your profile
  • Request removal/deletion – Have your information purged from the Zoominfo database
  • Privacy policy – See the different privacy features of Zoominfo.

Once you have verified you’re in the database of potential “sellable information” choose “Request Removal” from the links above.

Once you’ve chosen to “remove or delete” your information you’ll need to provide your email address – preferably the one you’ve identified in your profile to initiate the request.

You’ll receive an email requesting confirmation of the request and then your information will be queued for removal.

Items to note:

  • This also removes information from Zoominfo’s DiscoveryOrg platform
  • Earlier versions of remove tool could be accomplished by emailing remove _at_ However this may not be an option any longer.
  • My removal request in 2019 still seems to be functional, even after changing email addresses and company email addresses indicating it may survive future changes to your data.

Did you try this? How did it work out for you?