A recent Linkedin conversation about ‘Cold email’ and how annoying they can be for some individuals got me thinking about how do you remove your email from services that harvest, purchase, share, search, or otherwise find your email address online for the purposes of reselling them to people that want to use them for selling you things.

Owning a number of websites I get my fair share of random mistargeted cold sales emails. So I decided to check out what is out there in the way of ‘sellable emails’ for my domains and then take the proper steps to have them removed from the respective platforms.

I expect this will be a multi-post series as I figure out each of the tools, and the proper process for having an email or domain removed from the service.

Today I’ll be looking at Hunter

Hunter claims that it “lets you find professional email addresses in seconds and connect with the people that matter for your business.”

First steps to having your email address removed from the site:

  • Visit hunter.io and search for your domain name. If there are records to be found you’ll see a count of the emails at that domain within the platform.
  • If you find your email head to the “Do not sell my information” page – located in the page footer to claim your email.
  • Select either “Edit the data” or “Delete the data”
  • Enter your email address in the box provide and click “Claim the email address”
  • This will trigger an email to that account where you will need to verify the address
  • Once verified Hunter.io will remove your information within 5 business days

It’s that easy – one less vector for your email address to be found in order to send you cold emails.

This has successfully worked for me to remove email address at multiple domains.

If you try it leave us a comment and tell us about your experience.