Part three of my ongoing series to reclaim your inbox from cold emails we will be looking at the process to identify and remove your details from the platform.

In a similar fashion to part 1 – Hunter, and part 2 – ZoomInfo you’ll need to identify if your profile is contained within the data set managed by the Apollo services. However, unlike the previous two solutions it’s not as clear or direct to validate your details are in the platform, the people and company search as not alphabetized making it much harder to find your individual records. I found the most efficient way to find your information was to run a Google search with your name and limit the results to just If you need help with this follow these steps:

  • Head over to google
  • Type in the search option “ YOUR NAME”
  • Review the search results for the name you believe to be yours and follow the link. If you have a common name you might need to also click the “Wrong YOUR NAME?” option and hunt through the list, you could also try appending your company name to the search.
  • Remember the exact URL to your profile, you’ll need it for the next part

Once you have your profile link you can head over to the “Do not sell my info” link – located in the footer of the website.

You’ll need to provide your business email and the profile link before clicking “Click Here to Opt Out of Apollo”.

Expect to receive a confirmation email to validate that you made the request to have your profile removed from the platform.

Then site back and wait for the database magic to happen.

Leave us a comment if you tried this out, and tell us about your experiences.