Last week I stumbled across a Reddit post that showed a couple screen shots from an Apple contact card and Apple mail screens that looked a lot like BIMI being implemented. This seems to have been quietly released during the 2022 WWDC event in Early June.

Fast forward a couple weeks and the BIMI group’s website updated the list of providers that support BIMI to include Apple, both MacOS and iOS operating systems were added with a note saying “Available in MacOS/iOS16. Expected in Fall 2022” along with the logos of both iOS mail and MacOS.

Find below the potential view of BIMI on iOS (being beta these are likely subject to change) and the most current supporting Mailbox providers, MPBs that have reported they are working on adoption, and vendors that are not currently supporting BIMI.

It’s important to remember that some MBPs have implemented different levels of support for BIMI, where one may require a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC) and others may not.

If you choose to implement BIMI remember that you need to be sending email that is DMARC compliant at enforcement for your organization’s domain and all subdomains. This means DMARC is set to p=quarantine or p=reject, a trademarked logo (if you plan to get a VMC) and a proper BIMI record.

Check out Grade My Email if you need to a quick view of your current domain settings.