So one of the things I like about Twitter is that I can have an account for emailkarma and a personal account that is protected and only have a few people following it – people that I don’t mind knowing I’m out of town or out for dinner (Close personal friends for the most part). So It never ceases to amaze me when I get random people asking for permission to follow me – It simply proves no one reads the bios…
Mine reads:

Bio Personal Account FRIENDS ONLY! Marketer, Writer, Blogger, Gamer, Animal Lover and Environmentalist.

Needless to say I don’t have a massive list and I’m not looking to with this account, but I started to watch who was requesting to follow this account and this pattern emerged over the last two months:

Five requests from the same individual in two months (This is against Twitters Terms of Service – Rules: Spam), but the real kicker is every time I go to decline the request the individual has ALREADY stopped following me and the request is gone – I’m left with a blank page.

This smells of one of those WE will build your follower list scams, where the service actively scans for accounts that will follow back and send requests to them.

Don’t be this guy person… Because this is what spammers do.