Last week at the IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium I presented the following PowerPoint along side, Shaun Brown – Counselor, Law Office of Kris Klein, to a group of individuals that are already working in the email space or are looking to start. This gives a high level over view of the Canadian Anti-spam Law that is currently in the House of Commons.

Formerly this law was the Electronic Commerce Protection Act, aka Bill C-27. But with the Prorogation of Government at the end of December the Bill needed to be re-tabled in the house. After being re-tabled the Bill number and the Name were updated by the Office of the Prime Minister.

So I present to you Bill C-28, the Fighting Internet & Wireless Spam Act (FISA).

Fighting Internet and Wireless Spam Act

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Stay tuned for some upcoming Guest Posts by Shaun who will be covering the progression of FISA through the Legislative process.