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Two times the reach

I happened across this joint mailing program today, somewhat by chance, between Shoppers Drug Mart and ESSO. Shoppers is running an event where a consumer has an incentive to spend 75$ on goods in their stores and then become...

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What’s happening in Feb

A few events of note to talk about in the second half of the month;* EEC’s Email Evolution Conference running Today and Tomorrow (Feb 12th and 13th).* MAAWG will be held in San Francisco, hosting their 12th GeneralMeeting...

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BUZZ | Hey Gmail!!!

The Group over at the Email Standards Project (ESP) is looking for help getting the Gmail developers attention and they are asking for your help.Here is a quote from Mathew Patterson over at the ESP:The idea is simple –...

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In ad serving news…

Today Google announced that they have been given the go ahead from the FTC surrounding the purchase of DoubleClick.Google Points to six main factors in this decision:Transaction was cleared with no conditionsGoogle and...

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