Another ISP has jumped on the band waggon (that’s a good thing) with a shiny fresh postmaster page, complete with RSS updates. Comcast’s Postmaster page is now live go subscribe to their RSS feeds* and stay current on:

  • What’s new on the Postmaster site
  • New mail delivery errors
  • New Comcast mail servers
  • Comcast’s dynamic IP range

This page also details a number of important items regarding the sending of email to Comcast’s members, FBL information, Bounce information and Rate limits.

This is hot on the tail of Comcast’s much report success around social networking to deal with customer service and reaching out to the community… find them on twitter @comcastcares. Maybe Comcast will get their mail admin team on twitter [hint hint] 😉

* Many of these appear empty and look like place holders at the moment, but I expect them to be used in the future for any updates or changes Comcast makes.