Dear Email Marketing Manager,

As an avid email connoisseur I have several issues that I’d like to bring to your attention. Please understand that I’m only calling you out for your own good.

Issue #1 –
Send me engaging content…
In the interest of engaging with your customers, please stop sending Image only emails. I am unable to read these on my mobile device and have virtually memorized your disclaimers about HTML enabled devices. I like HTML emails, and don’t want to subscribe to your text version, if it’s even offered, or a separate Mobile version – it’s all the same inbox and only one email is necessary.

Issue #2 –
Ask my preference
For example I live in a country with two official Languages, but I don’t need you to send me both. I’m sure this is equally annoying to the French recipient that has to use the “Click here to see French version” or “Scroll down for French version”. Why are they always second? Why not ask for a language preference and segment, it’s so easy within most “Email service providers” solutions now.

Issue #3 –
Send me a welcome message…
You should enlighten me and thank me for wanting your email – your competitor did… Tell me why I’m special and What I’ll get out of your email program. I’m a consume on a generation with little brand loyalty – it not that I don’t have brand loyalty but I frequently shop at your competitors websites/stores, so WOW! me and show me why your better.

Issue #4 –
Make me a brand ambassador…
I’m socially active, and an influence – I tell people what I think, how I feel and about my experiences interacting with you. Make this compelling and easy for me to pass along and share with my network.

Thank you for your time and hopefully these few items will help your programs performance and ongoing success.

~ Matt Vernhout
twitter: @emailkarma