Well now its BOTH!

Reports are starting to appear about the new service being offered , as part of the SenderScore service package, to ISPs courtesy of Return Path… the SenderScore Blocklist.

Laura is reporting that Comcast is using this list to block email, along with the Cloudmark services. Talks also mention that Earthlink, and Charter have signed onto this service, along with many of their client hosted domains.

The list is monitoring the following items from their ISP partners:

  • Complaint Rate
  • Unsubscribe Issues
  • Excessive Blocklisting
  • Unknown Users
  • Spam Trap Hits

Thus provided the providing the keys to which an ISPs can then filter or reject email, with the data supplied by the likes of; Hotmail, Earthlink and other choice partners.

So “What’s the catch here?” you ask… Return Path also sells the answer – a Whitelisting service, known as SenderScore Certified, along with a whole suite of Delivery Assurance services. Hummmm

Return Path product teams have yet to respond with any additonal product info after being asked earlier this week. If it is made available I’ll make sure to share it here.