Today I received a messages from George Bilbrey, VP and General Manager, for Return Path someone I have known personally for quite some time and who’s opinion I respect. George has sent me some additional information and a number of points for clarification regarding the posting: SenderScore Whitelist or Blocklist? yesterday.

Here is what he has to say:

  • The blocklist is based on more than the summary Sender Score on average, IPs on the blocklist have a score much, much less than 70.
  • There is not a direct relationship between the blocklist and Sender Score Certified.
  • You can’t buy yourself off the blocklist with Sender Score Certified and it is not possible to be on both the blocklist and qualify for SSC.
  • We don’t pitch any of our services to folks who have contacted us because they have been blocked.

George also mentions that the data are used by both, the blocklist and SenderScore Certified, are pretty much the same (some additional data is supplied for the Sender Score Certified clients).

Please share your experiences, if you have any, with these services and the processes you encountered by leaving a comment or emailing to contact.