Recently I subscribed to a email newsletter from a consulting group that offers best practices to blogger… This organization was actually started by a well known email marketer, bonus in my eyes from a content perspective… However you’ll notice from the messages below that the most important of the five R’s is being broken; Recognition.

All of these messages are being delivered from an individual, someone I don’t actually know, and not the company i have a relationship with… Only after I open the message to see the content do I realize which company it is actually from.

The big problem with that is according to the ESPC79% of the respondents said they hit the “report spam” button when they don’t know who the sender is.

Last item to note; each of these messages is address; “Dear Valued Subscriber” The lack of personalization is somewhat disturbing, considering I have provided my name at least once during the registration process, either for the newsletter directly of a webinar hosted by this company.

Lesson: Value your subscribers, Personalize the messages you send to them and “BE RECOGNIZABLE”.

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The more I write about this the more I realize I should just unsubscribe.

ps. sorry for the small image :S