As mentioned in the previous Direct Mag article the DMA planed on investigating Earth Day mailings sent to the the EEC’s member base (For those that didn’t get the letter, Laura posted the full text here), and implement some changes to the way the EEC operates. I’ve noticed some odd things contained within the letter:

  1. Quote: “We have also determined that the list was not directly provided to VIV magazine, but to VIV’s hired electronic fulfillment company. Because the current eec co-chair, Jeanniey Mullen is employed by VIV
    * [From: Viv Magazine Digital –] – Zinio is where Jeanniey works not Viv – Zinio was the fulfillment company.
  2. Quote: “We also understand that some people received two notification emails instead of the intended one.
    * I got THREE messages – view the messages here: EEC: Good Intentions Gone Bad

Too bad these discrepancies are here, I would have been happy with the answer otherwise 🙁