Recently Marketing Sherpa posted an article about ongoing issues with Yahoo! mail delivery and I left the following comment:

Many of the Yahoo issues have been resolved and its been said that any remaining issues are likely the result of filter adjustments and fringe cases where reputation was already near the edge of rate limiting, or filtering. Using the postmaster help pages is the recommended course of action for senders that continue to experience issues. Yahoo has been very open with their communications to ESPs, posting their the Y! mail blogs and the updated Postmaster pages… …The real key to uninterrupted email delivery is to have a clean, consent based, highly relevant mail stream.Working everyday with a number of very large email clients being on top of best practices, delivery requirements and changes to ISP policies is critical. If your still experiencing issues likely there are too many; bounces, complaints or your still sending mail is a manor that Y! doesn’t like – too fast, too many users per connection/message, too many spam traps or dead addresses (hard bounces) being mailed to over and over.

Also Y!’s mail blog mentioned today that they are still behind in dealing tickets and that they are still working to address the issue.

A comment left for Yahoo related to these two articles echo’s the same thing that I’m saying here – “I’m not experiencing Yahoo problems myself. This recent campaign sent to my list had no Yahoo issues whatsoever”.