Sorry this is not an email post, although is can easily be related, the lesson is equally important when dealing with customers regardless of the contact method.

Tonight while watching sitting at home with the family, I received a call from a telemarketer – not too uncommon, but the resulting conversation has likely caused this organization to loose my business in the future – depending on the response I receive from my email to their privacy team. Here is my response to this phone call (via email to the company):

Dear [Removed] Privacy Representative,

Please add me to your global phone suppression files, I would like a forms of Telephone sales promotions to stop immediately.

Tonight (at approximately 9:00 pm EST) I received an incredibly rude call from one of your phone representatives. The caller ID shows the origin of the call from [Removed] (Phoenix AZ) that began with the phrase “I need to talk to the person in charge of your [Removed] service”. There was no introduction as to who they were calling on behalf off or who they were (there name was not given at all during the brief conversation), the representative also need to be prompted to identify the company he was calling on behalf of and what he was looking for. As a customer I will not let this type of service go unnoticed and unreported.

My phone numbers are as follows: [removed].

Please let know when this has been completed.

Every touch point is a possible has the potential to build and strengthen a relationship with a company or, as shown, ruin the chances of gaining a new customer. I guess we sill see what happens with this message.