As a customer you want your vendors to make an effort to get to know you, your goals and an understanding the things that you want to get out of the relationship. You want to be more then a number or a record in a database somewhere.

So why treat your customers like that? Here are a few tips to get to know your subscribers:

  1. Run surveys to update profile information or demographic information
  2. Ask for preferences; preferred time of day or day of the week for delivery, choice of newsletter or information channel
  3. Instant update of preferences
  4. Personalized communications; use the profile information you collect
  5. Don’t over collect information – if you don’t plan on using it don’t ask for it.
  6. Be open about what you ask for – don’t reject users based on their email domain

Remember – treat people like you want to be treated and you’ll go far and have a successful program.