Now I enjoy watching Hockey, maybe not as much as other Canadians, but still if I can get to a game at least one a year I’ll always enjoy myself, and if the games on at home then I’m likely to watch at least for a while.

So this immediately looks like a great deal, right? I meen who wouldn’t be excited about $14 tickets available for the Vancouver Canucks… but there is only one problem Vancouver is 4,370 km away from Toronto, where I live.

On a scale of 1 to 10 for relevance this gets about a 2 – who know maybe I’ll end up visiting BC this year (no plans yet) and get to a game because of this email… but the chances are not likely. Now send this same offer for Toronto, or even Buffalo or Detroit and the relevance becomes more like an 8 or 9.

Please let this be a reminder – Geotargeting your subscribers will get you better results and a more engaged audience.

REMEMBER: One of the leading reasons people report email as spam is that it is irrelevant – 53% of consumers say email is irrelevant – David Daniels, Vice President, Jupiter Research (Dec. 2007) EmailStatCenter