What are you doing to stand out and offer added value to your subscribers?

Here are a few examples of added value to consider for your 2010/2011 email programs.

1 – TigerDirect – Email Subscribers Know First:

When receiving to the TigerDirect newsletter you are presented with the reminder that your in a select group of people that get to know about the Deals first – increasing your chances to cash in on limited quantity items.

2 – RW&Co; – Birthday discounts

My wife’s Birthday is rapidly approaching and she had begun to receive a number of annual reminders of the event. These are generally easy wins for many retailers, yet the low number actually using these relationship messages never ceases to amaze me. Shortly after receiving her annual RW&Co; email she excitedly listed off all the other emails she is EXPECTING to receive this time of year like; Sephoria, Boston Pizza and Dairy Queen (see below) to name a few. These are now places that are scheduled into her list of places to visit over the new week, either online or in-store to make use of her present – likely to a much greater value then a typical visit the rest of the year (Waaa! that is the sound of my wallet crying).

Dairy Queen – Birthday BOGO program (last year’s email):

This maybe my favorite of the birthday programs as it’s a win for me (or another guest) too…

What are your favorite examples of “Added Value” features for email subscribers? I’ll start with a short list of programs I’d like to see or currently enjoy receiving.

  • Double points on your birthday (only for purchases made on B-day); Air travel, Gas purchases or shopping programs
  • Subscription anniversary notices – Thanks for being a member today is your X year anniversary
  • Free Magazine for your birthday – with the goal of converting an online subscriber to an offline by sending a sample
  • Free Appetizer (w/ purchase of dinner) – this is always a big winner in my house as we all go out.